i woke up early with dad and we slipped out of the house with fid and drove to the ridge for a quick hike before the rains. it was magical as usual – the sky was overcast above us but there was a warm, orange glow in the distance over the bay as the sun tried to peek through the clouds. i never bring my phone on these hikes, so i used dad’s phone to take a picture of the mountains. maybe one day i’ll dig out my watercolours and attempt to do the landscape justice. 

same view, a different day, equally beautiful !!

my favourite part of these hikes is being surprised every time i step onto the trail. there’s so much visible from the top of the ridge and it is almost impossible to get bored sprinting up the hills, stopping at the top, and soaking in the moment, breathless from the steep terrain and so alive.

we came home, went to breakfast, and came back. i pulled out my maths homework and made some progress on fer #3. the rain came in the afternoon, small drops at first and then a battering windows, howling wind kind of rain which makes me want to curl up in bed with blankets and a movie. but i went to the library to study with L and some friends instead for our ap bio final.

i really like studying in the library because the bench to table height ratio is excellent for productive work. it was really crowded though today, and i was pretty busy helping answer friends’ questions and only made it through unit 1. the library closed earlier than expected so L and i packed and went to my house to continue. i picked up some secondhand books though that i’m really excited about – both the price and the content.

so much inspiration and aesthetic right here

a few years ago, i came across a book i really wanted to read but couldn’t find at the library – and you can probably guess what book i found today for $2! the same book! so i luckily had some money on me and bought it, along with another book on native plants that i’ve also subconsciously wanted for inspiration for stamp making. it’s fate.

at home, we ate pizza and continued to study on the dining table. i discovered that i work much better sitting on a bench rather than a chair so i took the piano bench and used that. L and i got a lot done and studying was actually enjoyable. something about writing in pen in a notebook is very soothing and satisfying. i got through three bio units so i’m really happy about that, and i should be on track to be ready for finals. i’m going into finals week feeling pretty solid!

a binder of old work, a current binder, a notebook of study guides