mini book + pouch

my us history final this year was to create a museum exhibit on a case study we looked at in class. J and i decided to work together and create a booklet on the philippines. we had planned to really seriously work on it together on monday in class, but J was sick that day, so i did most of it. usually, i hate doing most of the work in group projects, but this one was pretty enjoyable. i was going for a minimalistic simple vibe that i knew J would like and i think it turned out quite well. we’ll see tomorrow how it goes down in class.

the most difficult part was figuring out how to print the page double sided in the correct order so that when folded in half, it would create a booklet. then, my printer jammed multiple times printing on the thicker cardstock, which was kind of annoying, but i eventually prevailed.

my favourite part was assembling the booklet. i took some pictures for future reference if i ever decide to make something similar. basically, i poked holes when i wanted to the thread to go through and stitched in and out of the holes with embroidery thread before tying a knot near the top. it was very satisfying and i would highly recommend trying it out.

i don’t have many high stakes finals tomorrow so i decided to make a little pouch out of some fabric i screen printed earlier this week (first time ever!). i’m giving it to my friend M as a late birthday present because she mentioned she liked the fabric, and i’m thinking of adding a little note and some candy inside as a post-finals treat or finals motivation. i know she’s been really stressed about our maths final and hopefully this will cheer her up!

i do have my computer science final tomorrow which will likely not affect my A, but i still would like to do well on, so i am off to go study some vocabulary. i think i have most of it down though, so i should be good. if not, well, you know what i’ll be studying over break!!

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