morning hike

we chased the sunrise up the mountain at 7:00 this morning. i dug out my camera from the depths of the catch-all basket in my room and brought it along. there was another car at the trailhead, but we ended up not seeing a soul along the trail. the sky was a brilliant red as we drove up the mountain and slowly turned orange and golden. we hiked through the sunrise, the sky shifting colours above us as we ran along the trail and walked up the steep part. the other side of the mountain was just as pretty, glowing a soft pink colour as light cascaded along the hills, some areas still blue from the shadows.

the hills surrounding us are a photographer’s dream. there are so many layers and colours and textures everywhere you look! my photographs don’t do the landscape justice.

the light was incredible! i’ve never seen such pretty lighting in my life. everything looked good in this light, and i took some cool portraits of my dad. the quality was amazing and the sky and the colours and the highlights on just the right spots… it was such hopeful lighting. i feel so grateful to be able to wake up and experience that morning. and right as we were turning around, the fog started rolling in above us and the wind picked up. it was weird to see the fog rolling towards the ocean, as it usually comes into the valley. it was so nice to catch such a beautiful sunrise before the sky clouded over.

we came home at 9:00, picked up E, and then left for breakfast at the café. another perfect sunday morning 🙂

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