green theme

i forgot to write about my most recent makes so i’m going to combine them into one and they are both coincidentally green! first up is my latest carine tee, made out of my dad’s old shirt that i found in my garage. this shirt is so comfortable and loose, and is the perfect addition to my looser mum aesthetic haha. second time’s are definitely much easier than firsts, and i’m really glad that i had the foresight to save the hems of the original shirt because i don’t have a coverstitch machine and i haven’t figured out how to make neat knit hems yet with my regular machine and overlocker (if anyone has any tips that would be amazing!)

the original shirt also had a pocket that the fabric had faded around, so i ended up piecing together some fabric on the back of the shirt to work around that. i saved the pocket and embroider some daisies on it to add some interest and i really like the result!

halfway through sewing on the sleeve, my overlocker decided to have some issues with the threading causing me to redo the sleeve at least five times. i finally switched out the thread and it started working – it was frustrating for a while but on the bright side, i got really good at threading my overlocker!

i’ve also been in a stamping and screenprinting mode lately and i carved this butterfly/moth stamp out of an old eraser i had in my room. i love it so much – it is my new favourite thing to stamp it on everything, even fabric! i had an old white fabric ink pad in my room, but the ink was kind of dried out and looks a little washed out on the green fabric when i stamped the image. to add more interest and a personal touch, i added some embroidery around the butterflies for detail. the embroidery is inspired by melissa wastney of tiny happy who i admire so much! i also added the same beads on the back of the pouch to tie it all together. i think it creates a very unique, one-of-a-kind, slightly excessive looking pouch but i love it 🙂

i can’t wait to keep making more things. i have fabric cut out for some pouches, and lots of fabric waiting to be used. i just have to wait for school to slow down a little – maybe after i take my ACT test. hopefully i can get some creating in soon though, for now, i’ll be posting about some of my previous makes to document them.

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