ogden cami hack

over the summer, i was wandering around in the city and walked into a random thrift shop where i saw this very long, very large, tiered skirt for sale (see last picture)! i bought it thinking i could use the fabric to make something, but the skirt sat in my fabric pile for months before i finally finally got the courage to cut into it. i’ve been wanting a loose summery dress for a while, but i couldn’t find anything online that i really liked or was willing to pay for. so, when you don’t like anything, you make it!

that skirt was made for this dress. the skirt already had gathered sections on it, so i pretty much just had to cut the neckline and sew the side seams together to make it my size. i used the ogden cami pattern pieces and just extended the side seams to make a dress, so it’s not technically a hack, but it’s a dress and not a cami so i’m counting it as one. the facing is made out of an old white sheet in my house that i use for everything, and i kept the hem of the original skirt.

this dress is so much fun to twirl around! and the fabric has gone through the wash so many times that it’s dreamily soft and comfy. this dress is super light and perfect for hot summer days, and can be layered (like i did here) for those colder months aka now. although i was a bit hesitant to start making this dress, once i did, everything worked out and i love it so so much. much better than anything i could’ve bought from a store for sure!!

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