my font making process

introducing… shoreline font! (for the fiftieth time haha) but seriously, i’m so excited about this font! i taught myself how to make this font from youtube videos, online articles, forums, and good old trial by error. it took many many hours of staring at the computer screen trying to make every connection between each letter work, and it’s a huge relief to finally finish! i would say that creating a script font for my second ever font making attempt was not the smartest idea because i had to worry about the spacing between each letter and alternatives if something didn’t look right, but i definitely learned a lot.

i’ve been using this font for so many things now – from craft projects to the headers on my notes. it’s very satisfying and easy to just type a header and print it onto a page of notes. if you’d like shoreline font for your own purposes, whether it’s to jazz up your notes or create the perfect flyer, you can purchase this font here at my etsy, shopMik. i wasn’t sure about selling it at first and i know most of us are broke students, but when i considered the time and effort i spent making this font, and the fact that once you purchase this font, you get it forever (!), this font is a really good deal!! and you are supporting me, an artist who is trying to save up enough money to buy a monthly adobe subscription so i can keep experimenting with all the programs, which is an even better cause lol and may lead to some more freebies in the future. any extra money will be donated to my local organization that helps people with disabilities ride horses through a therapeutic riding program that i also volunteer at.

but i get it, if you aren’t interested, keep reading to learn how you can make your own font to wow your friends (free of monetary charges)!

i just want to be clear – i am not an expert on font making. i’m just someone who had a passion and persevered. but i was a complete beginner who managed to make a really cool font, and i gathered a list of helpful resources that i want to share with you in case if you’re interested, which i will link below.

to make a font, you’ll need some computer applications that i believe are only available for mac at the moment. i used Adobe Illustrator, Astropad, and Glyphs to make my font, and i was able to use these for free by starting a free trial for each application. this meant i had to work quickly, but i also didn’t have to pay for these apps – though now, once i save up enough money, i will purchase. i’ve compiled a great list of articles and resources that i used to guide me through the process, and hopefully having everything in one place can help you too. if you have no idea how to use any of these programs, don’t worry, because i didn’t either!

the basics of font making are:

  1. write it out – all the letters, numbers, symbols, and accents you want to be able to use in your font
  2. scan it if it’s on paper, or save as a .png if on an iPad which was what i did, and bring it into Adobe Illustrator
  3. make every letter a vector
  4. use Astropad and an iPad to clean up every letter
  5. import each letter into Glyphs
  6. code in alternatives and ligatures
  7. adjust kerning and every letter combination possible
  8. export!

you can download this list of resources that i used for each step here:

good luck with your font making, and i hope this was helpful!

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