a birthday present

it was C’s birthday and she’s been incredibly supportive of my instagram and blog, so when she asked me if i could make her some scrunchies, i was really excited. well, at first, i didn’t think i would have the time, but then she said her birthday was in a few days and i was shocked (at myself). i knew when her birthday was, was planning a present, but didn’t think it was so soon! so, i missed her actual birthday with this gift, but it was only a few days late, and i hope she really enjoys it!

C’s favourite colours are black and gray so i stuck with that theme to make some neutral scrunchies with fabric from my stash. i’m getting better at making scrunchies because these only took me 10 minutes each to make, so i decided to spend more time on the packaging. i discovered that the scrunchies fit perfectly over old lululemon tags; i took some decorative paper, covered the back of the tag with the item sticker, and voila, i made my own scrunchie holder like the ones in the store!

i made a small little birthday card and a matching envelope to go with. i gathered a wax paper sandwich bag and some candy from the kitchen and found some string i had in my ribbons basket to tie it all off. i love using the wax paper bag – it works super well, and i love the look of it. and that was my little birthday gift to a great friend! for anyone out there looking for a good gift, try making it, because the effort and thought is always worth more than any amount of money you spend. i love collecting the cards that people write because it’s just a little piece of the past that i can look back on when my memory isn’t so good.

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