sharing the knowledge

my friend L likes sewing too, and i taught her how to make some scrunchies the other day! she brought over some old t-shirts that we cut up and used, along with some other scraps in my scrap basket. it was a lot of fun to sew and chat and catch up (since she goes to a different school), and L got obsessed with making scrunchies. she made nine total! some for her, and some for her sister. i think they turned out really well, and they were definitely a confidence booster because L is new to machine sewing and she was able to make them completely by herself after the first time!

she also brought over two pieces of fabric that she had sewed together, trying to make a pouch. she didn’t have a zipper though, so it was like an open top pouch with exposed seams on the inside. we decided to surge off the exposed seams, add a zipper to the top, and we made it work! i’m really proud that it turned out super well. the pouch is lined, but there is surging on the inside which actually looks really cool in comparison to the fabric, and a little bit of zipper hanging off the edge. i also love the purple corduroy fabric she used, and it was the perfect pouch for her to carry home all her scrunchies! 🙂

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