velvet cropped tank

i stumbled across this large top at target on clearance the other day and quickly bought it. i’ve been dreaming about making something with velvet, and this was the perfect opportunity! i made a tube top shape and then added straps. i also added a lining made out of one of my mom’s old black t-shirts.

the top is a little loose, it could fit more snugly, but i still really love it. it looks like something people would pay a lot of money for at urban outfitters, yet this top was half the price and i have fabric leftover to make scrunchies. 🙂

i had a little trouble deciding how i wanted to line this top, because it is stretchy fabric and i was using my serger. i messed up a little while flipping it, and had to give up not having any seams show on the inside. i ended up having an exposed seam in the back, so the top isn’t reversible, but with the velvet side out, it’s not visible. i made the straps a little too wide so i had to fold them over and hand sew them closer to the middle of my chest. would definitely do some things differently if i make another top like this.

because this top used to be a pajama top, it’s super soft and warm and cozy. it was pretty cold outside, but this top actually kept me warm. the top is also really comfortable, and as someone who doesn’t normally wear tight crop tops, it’s a nice surprise. i also love that i was able to make a matching scrunchie! i have lots of fabric leftover, the top of the shirt and the sleeves, so i’m going to make a lot more scrunchies and maybe i’ll sell them, who knows? i’m super stoked for this top though, especially after the shorts i tried to make did not work out… you win some and you lose some, and i’m just super happy this top was a win.

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