japanese linen tote

i went thrifting with L the other day and found this really nice quilted tablecloth. there was just enough fabric to make a making bag from making zine’s latest black & white issue by kzstevens. i especially love the quilting detail from the tablecloth, and i will definitely quilt future bags because i’m really digging it.

this was a quick sew, and you can see below the outer portion of the bag. even unfinished, it looks really nice.

my only regrets are the straps and the snap. i ran out of tablecloth fabric to make matching straps so i used some old curtain fabric that matched pretty well. it’s a nice little deviation from the navy and white colour scheme of the bag, but i think i would have preferred navy straps. it was also my first time attaching some metal snaps i bought from noodlehead. i decided to wing it, and install my first snap directly onto my project. somehow i read the instructions wrong and hammered the wrong pieces together. oops! so the snap isn’t functional but it looks nice so i’m not too worried about it.

overall, i really liked this pattern and i would love to hack it! maybe add more pockets, embroidery, patchwork… aside from some small mistakes on my part, the rest of it turned out really well, and i’m super excited to use it as a book bag, yarn bag, anything bag for future adventures!


·    pattern: japanese linen tote by kzstevens from making zine black & white
·    fabric: thrifted tablecloth for main, curtain for straps
·    notes: a little flimsy, could add interfacing in the future, don't really like the straps, but i ran out of material, and i messed up installing the snaps, so it is not functional but still looks nice.

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