making for grandma

my grandma lives in another country and i rarely see her, but she also loves sewing and making things. i like to think that i got the crafty gene in my family from her. not only does she make really cool bags and clothes, her character and dedication are an inspiration – she was one of the first female architects in that country, and she designed the house she currently lives in.

because i don’t get to see or talk to her often, i decided to create a short video to show her a bit of my room and the projects i’ve been working on lately! i filmed myself making a petal pouch and used iMovie to bring the clips together. this is one of my go-to patterns because the result is always lovely, and i think the video turned out really well.

i’ll link the video down below. in this version, i changed the writing from mandarin to english, but the rest is the same 🙂

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