fabric covered boxes

years ago, my friend L gave me a ton of empty tissue boxes to use as organizers for pens and other notions. these special boxes were perfect – they were sturdy, round, slim – but they were way too tall. these boxes/containers/organizers have been sitting in my room ever since, collecting dust and taking up space, and somehow they have survived my biannual room cleanings. i was going to paint a different box today when i realized that the empty (rectangular) tissue box that was originally holding my brushes was breaking. inspiration suddenly came, so i shifted gears to repurposing L’s old containers!

honestly, i wasn’t quite sure what i was doing. i had a vague idea in my mind on how this design would work, so i do what i always do when drafting my own patterns, and i got to work making a prototype. i first cut down the height of the box using a craft knife and some force. i had drawn a random line and it turned out to be exactly 4.5″, which was an extremely nice number. i made my two pattern pieces, found some fabric i’ve had in my stash forever that i’ve been trying to get rid of, and started cutting.

my first prototype was too tight to fit around the edge of the container, so i had to start again. the second time went much more smoothly, and i finished my first fabric covered container very quickly. there was some puckering as my measurements didn’t quite line up, but it’s difficult to tell because it’s on the bottom of the box and it adds to the whole cloth aesthetic, so i just went with the imperfections.

all in all, i am very pleased with the outcome. i made covered another container in about 10 minutes, and now i’ve got some cute organizers to hold my brushes! it’s definitely much better than the old giant kleenex box i was using before. here’s to trying new things!

in the future, i think i will experiment with the design a little more to hide the lining base seam (currently it is surged), because that would make it a little neater and more professional. however, since this was more of a function rather than style project, i didn’t care that much to spend the extra time playing around with it. mainly because my ap chem review book is waiting on me. ah well, this was a nice break from studying.

also, i keep a notebook of all my self-drafted projects with instructions so i can make them again in the future. i wrote a little entry for this one, and if you are interested, you can read and follow the pictures below to make your own! the container doesn’t have to be a round kleenex box, as the design is very customizable, so any shape should work.


·     pattern: self-drafted
·     fabric: old stash fabric from joann's

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