april collection

a collection of some small projects i made in april.

i added to my growing arsenal of urban outfitters pouches by sewing together some of the pieces i had cut in march. i personally think they look really cool together, and although the red is bolder than i would normally go for, i’m enjoying it. the zipper ties are courtesy of some everlane tags that come with the cutest light bulb safety pins and a long white cord – very useful for sewing!

continuing with my recent self-drafting/experimenting mentality, i made this little coin pouch. i mainly wanted to use rivets and this patchwork piece i randomly made one night. i will definitely be making more of these to bust some scraps! maybe as gifts?

and lastly, here is a card that i made ages ago that my friend L decided to give to her cousin for his birthday. she made the inside (shown below), and i thought the otter looked so cute that i’m including it here. the letters and present are embossed too, and they sparkle so nicely when the light catches the melted embossing powder. also, that pun, from a lawn fawn stamp set, is adorable.

lastly, i made this patchwork pillow. really, i upcycled it, because i made the rainbow patch two years ago over the summer and hastily attached it to an interestingly shaped chambray bag… sounds questionable? it was. so i took the bag that was hanging in my closet for the past few years, ripped the patchwork off, and made a pillow out of it, because i really do love that rainbow patchwork. a simple fix that makes me so much happier!

and that’s the end of my april small project overview! i really like this format, so i think i will continue this, especially if i can’t find the time to dedicate an individual post to every project!

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