daisy fabric painting

i found a large chunk of time the other day to just experiment and have fun. for me, painting fabric and deviating from my normal pouch making self requires a lot of motivation and confidence; this is usually overcome by a good section of time in which i have no expectations or obligations.

i’ve been inspired lately by lauren of fromtreetosea ceramics and her loose geometric way of glazing her pots, prompting me to try out a similar style with fabric painting. painting fabric is not easy. because the fabric has a weave and some resistance to the brush, it is very difficult to make fine lines or detailed drawings. as a result, some of my favourite painted fabric patterns are freeform and full of imperfections that add to the overall pattern.

these simple daisies worked wonderfully with on this gray linen. i coloured some white screenprinting ink yellow using the set of dye-na-flow i got for christmas, and randomly painted yellow dots on the fabric. i then went in with some white screenprinting ink and painted the petals. for this, i think random is key – the more variation there is, the better it looks.

and that was all! i had no specific project in mind, although i do think i will be making an origami coin pouch out of some of the fabric. honestly, this design is so quick and versatile that i’m sure i will easily find a use for it. i also loved the process of painting – it was very relaxing and rhythmic to paint all the petals while listening to some good music and getting lost in the art.

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