whales for sale!

i reached out to a local store and asked if i could sell my mini whale keychains there, and they said yes! i’m so proud of these whales, which have faced a major evolution over the years as i’ve perfected the pattern for myself. inspired by jen of croochetshop, i taught myself to crochet in eighth grade and proceeded to create my own mini whale pattern. i’ve been giving them away as gifts for the past few years, and i finally had the courage to sell them to a larger audience.

30% of the sales are going towards sionfunds, an organization that works with a club i am part of at school works to build schools in haiti. in the past few weeks, my first batch of 15 whales have sold out, and i’m so happy and relieved that people love them! after having very limited success with running an etsy shop due to problems with time, lack of experience, and prioritizing school, i feel like this is a large step for me in the direction of running my own little shop. i love to create things with my hands, and my overall goal is to share what i make with more people, while being able to fund this hobby (because crafting and sewing can be expensive!).

i’m extremely pleased with my first ever “real” sales of my makes, and i really hope i can continue to do this! it takes a lot of confidence from me…

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