may collection

because i’m a little lazy, and i’d rather do something else than sit at a screen for hours and write about the past, i’m writing another summary post about what i’ve made in may. i have the photos, and i want to record this, but i’m very impatient as you might be able to tell. i also have schoolwork and finals and whales i need to crochet (i’m selling them at a local store and giving part of the proceeds to an organization that builds schools in Haiti), so my blog hasn’t been at the top of my priorities list at the moment. i’m working on it though, and i’ve got a super fun post planned that will go into depth about my natural dyeing experience, because that is a fun adventure i want to remember!

i organized all my patterns. i got some medical paper (?) to use as pattern paper and it works quite well. i also learned to cut out all my pattern pieces, even if the pieces are rectangles, because it is much easier and faster to cut out patterns using actual pieces for reference rather than just a cutting mat and ruler. this is especially helpful when cutting up a large piece of fabric, since my cutting mat is only 12×18. i’m currently in the middle of making a second raspberry rucksack for the summer!

i finished up a lot of coastal coin pouches i had started earlier. i’m hoping to sell these as well either on my etsy, or at a local place. i’ve also created a pattern for them, but i need to take pictures of the process to go along with the instructions before i will be done.

i started making this very random wall hanging to calm my nerves before some track meets. i can be very serious, and when i want to do well, i get extremely nervous and start doubting myself. the repetitive motion of embroidering beads onto fabric helped take my mind of my pending races, and i thought this nature inspired hanging was kind of fun. i’m not a super big fan of the corduroy frame, but i love the inside and the scrappy patchwork! it was a good way to bust some scraps 😉

since the ap chem test was in may, my class is now doing a lab of our choice for our chemistry final. C agreed to dye some fabric with me naturally, and we’ve actually had a lot of fun playing around with different ingredients. more on this to come because we aren’t finished with the lab yet. we’ve been dyeing with natural dyestuff for the past two weeks, and are dyeing with indigo next week, so that should be really interesting. i love it though – now i just have to convince my mom to let me use some of the chemicals in our kitchen…

lastly, i’ve been really into making crochet whales again. these whales are really calming to make, especially while watching youtube or listening to an audiobook! i also get to use up my excessive amount of yarn 😉

and that’s it so far for may. i’m probably forgetting a lot of stuff – i journaled, and cleaned my room a ton as well – but that’s the main parts. very excited it’s almost summer!

One thought on “may collection

  1. I really like this post it encourages me to do monthly tap ups for my blog as well. The small snap purses are very cute.


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