all well box top

this is my new favourite pattern, because it feels good and looks good. i’ve always liked looser clothing, since it’s more breathable and movable, and the all well box top meets both those criteria perfectly. i’ve sometimes run into a rut when i spend hours making clothing that i’ve seen look good on other people, but looks terrible on me. i get very discouraged, since the whole point of making your own clothing is so that it fits you, right? it’s safe to say though, that if this box top can look good on me, it can look good on anyone. it’s kind of a fail-proof pattern in that way, and it was very quick to make!

the pattern comes with a variation guide, and i chose to make the crop top version and the long-sleeved version. i sewed a size 2, using some linen yardage i’ve had lying around in my room for months because i wasn’t sure what to make with it. safe to say, this box top made good use of that fabric 🙂 the size 2 is a little loose and room, but i like the more relaxed fit, so i think i will stick with this size. i made no modifications to the pattern, except changing the hem length. in the future, i would widen the arm holes on the long sleeve version, since my hand barely fits through easily and my friend L’s hand (who’s modeling these tops below) barely fit at all. i’m also waiting for the linen to become “worn it” and soften, since it is a little scratchy at the moment, but that comes with time and wearage, and i will definitely be wearing these a lot!

all in all, super pleased, amy bornman did a fantastic job with this pattern, and i’m already dreaming of future box tops i’m going to make! definitely a year-round closet staple.

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