scrappy drawstring bag

i found the cutest mug at maido over spring break, and i immediately thought of my friend M whose birthday was this past week. of course, i had to make a drawstring bag to wrap it in too!

inspired by svetlana sotak, i created a “quilt as you go” block for the first time ever using some pink/purple scraps i had in my stash. this was a perfect way to use up my scraps and i also had the chance to finally use some batting i’ve been holding onto for years now. i made the drawstring bag using my own dimensions and pattern, though i think sotak handmade has a very similar tutorial as well.

i’m really happy with how this bag turned out, and it was a really nice, quick project to work on, helping get my creative juices flowing and distract me from using my phone or other mindless entertainment device. this is definitely a project i will be revisiting many more times in the future!

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