coastal coin pouch pattern

welcome to my first official sewing pattern! i love quick projects that are very gratifying to make, and i think this little coin pouch fits that perfectly – sew a few lines, add a snap, and it’s finished! i also love that this pouch looks more complicated than it actually is, so it is perfect for anyone new to sewing. for those of us who have been sewing for a little longer – the small size is perfect for using up all our scraps.

i credit the idea for this pattern to a picture i found on pinterest, although the sizing, pattern pieces, and instructions are my own. i had to experiment a little, and my first prototype was definitely less than ideal, but i’ve finally found the dimensions and shape i’m happy with.

here’s what you need to make this simple, versatile coin pouch:


  • exterior fabric (a fat quarter is more than enough)
  • lining fabric (same as above)
  • *optional interfacing (recommended if using thinner fabric for the exterior and interior, or for a sturdier feel)
  • metal snaps and a snap setting tool (size 20-24)
  • hand-sewing needle and thread
  • water soluble pen/other marking tool
  • sewing machine, iron, fabric scissors, etc.

pattern information:

  • 1/4″ seam allowance throughout
  • topstitch 1/8″ from edges or seams
  • always backstitch!
  • print pattern pieces from PDF attached at bottom at 100%, box at top should measure 1″ x 1″
  • seam allowances are included in pattern pieces

for each coin pouch cut:

  • from exterior fabric: 1 main piece, 1 pocket
  • from lining fabric: 1 main piece, 1 pocket
  • from interfacing: 1 main piece


  1. print out pattern pieces, and cut fabric according to the instructions on the pattern pieces and above.
  2. trim each side of the interfacing main piece by 1/4″ to make the seams less bulky.
  3. fuse interfacing to wrong side of exterior main piece. there should be a 1/4″ border between the exterior main piece and the interfacing.
  4. with right sides together, sew the exterior main piece to the lining piece, leaving a 1.5″ opening on one of the long sides of the main pieces.
  5. clip corners and turn so right sides are facing out. use a chopstick or other turning tool to poke out corners. press.
  6. using a needle and thread, hand sew the opening closed with a ladder stitch so that it is invisible.
  7. with right sides together, sew the exterior pocket to the lining pocket, leaving a 1.5″ opening on one of the long sides of the pocket pieces.
  8. clip corners and turn. press. do not hand sew this opening closed, this will be done in a later step.
  9. position pocket piece on main piece, lining side down, and touching the lining side of the main piece. line up the bottom of the pocket with the bottom of the main piece.
  10. using a water soluble pen, mark a line of the centre of the pocket piece and sew through all layers, securing the pocket to the main piece.
  11. fold the main piece out of the way, and fold the pocket pieces right sides together. sew a line halfway down the pocket pieces. this is the bottom of the finished pouch, and one place where the pouch will fold.
  12. fold the lining sides of the pocket down to touch the lining of the main piece. topstitch the pocket pieces to the main piece. (see pictures below)
  13. fold down the top of the pouch and mark the placement of the snap. i am using a size 24 metal snap from noodlehead. it is a little big, and i would recommend a size 20 for a neater look.
  14. attach the snap according to your snap directions.
  15. enjoy! you just made a coastal coin pouch!

pattern pieces (download both! still figuring out how to combine the scanned papers into one doc):

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