indigo patchwork sierra tote

been eyeing this pattern for a while by indigobird because i love the simple silhouette and canvas for customization. i had contemplated drafting my own similar bag, but i decided to buy the pattern to support artists i admire and because i was a bit pressed for time, as i’m leaving for a month-long trip in a few days. no regrets at all – the pattern is super easy to follow and comes together beautifully. it did take a bit more fabric than i had thought, which isn’t a bad thing, because i got to use up some of my larger scraps!

i had been dreaming of a patchwork pocket for a while, and am super pleased with how this one turned out. i think the naturally dyed indigo pieces complement each other so well! i thought i liked the dark gray pieces (avocado overdyed with iron), then i didn’t like it, and now i do again. it adds a quirky touch to the bag that i’m starting to appreciate. loads of pockets = happy mik, and i’m so obsessed with the little compact shape of this bag! i think it will make the perfect crochet bag for when i make my whales 🙂


  • pattern: sierra tote by indigobird
  • fabric: scrap denim, indigo dyed fabric pieces, scrap chambray for lining
  • notes: quality pattern, quality product! all around a good make 🙂

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