me made update!

hello, hello! it’s been a while since i’ve been on this site; school and sports have taken priority in my life these past few months. but, i’ve still found pockets of time to make myself some clothes and use up more of my fabric stash, and i’m proud to say that i’ve not boughten any new fabric since june. i finally found time to photograph the clothes i’ve made between june – now, and i’m excited to finally document this online after a long hiatus. took photos with my phone this time, so the quality is not quite the same. it’s better than nothing at all though, so here goes!


this simple pattern by cali faye collections is amazing. a dream to sew, comes together quickly, and looks good in about any fabric. i went overboard and made three tops, trying out different sizing and material. the blue checkered top is made from double gauze – my first time sewing with this material. i love the pattern, but i’m disappointed by the drape and feel. double gauze is notoriously soft, making it perfect for use with batting; alone, it is really flimsy. this top does wear well tucked in, so i’ve been doing that a lot. the white grid top is made from a thicker linen. i left the hem raw and i really like this look. only concern is that it is pretty tight on my bust and not the most comfortable to wear. i’ll probably gift this top to a friend or donate it. the last basics tank i made was actually my muslin. i used some old lightweight blue linen from my stash, resulting in a light, soft, airy top that i wore daily when i traveled this summer. in terms of comfort, this top is a winner. it’s a little big, but not enough to be unwearable.


i was lucky enough to be selected as a pattern tester for the gena crop top back in august. i made mine using old fabric from my stash, and i love that this top is reversible! however, i don’t think this top is flattering on me (though i have not made a top using the final pattern). it’s too short at the front and rides up. the neckline doesn’t stay up, and i’d have to find a good pair of pants to wear with the exposed back. the hem also wrinkles and doesn’t lie flat; i’d try topstitching through the layers, but because i used two different fabrics for the outside and lining of different weights, i’m scared it will pucker. these are definitely some easy modifications i can do to make this top suit my liking. it’s such a cute, unique design!


this is all well long sleeve box top #2 for me, and i love it. my other box top was made from a scratchy white grid linen (also used this on my basics tank) and i learned my lesson with buying fabric online. i got the chance to stop by stonemountain & daughter fabrics, and it was heaven being touch the fabric and place a feeling to the name. i chose a gorgeous dusty blue linen that is so so soft, and this box top is a dream to wear. as you may be able to tell, i’m all about comfort 🙂 i’ve worn this top to school so many times, so many different ways: under a hoodie, with a vest, or by itself, and i love it. flattering oversized fit + comfort + versatility = happy mik!


i’ve played with this free(!) pattern many many times in the past, and i finally (almost) got it right. learning from past mistakes, i used a heavy weight fabric from my stash for structure and shortened the length. to save time (and fabric), i omitted the pockets and may have cut the shorts a little too short. next time, i’ll add pockets and leave more room for a longer hem. despite this, the fit is amazing, it’s comfortable, and i definitely see these shorts being a staple in my wardrobe in the warmer months!


been eyeing this pattern from sew house 7 for ages and finally decided to pick it up during a thanksgiving sale. it’s the loose fitting, elastic pant of my dreams. i love a looser aesthetic and these pants go with it fantastically. for a first try, i used an old brown/cream coloured tablecloth from my home. i got to sew flat felled seams for the first time (eek!) and get more comfortable with pockets. it was an ambitious project, mostly because of the time i spent making these pants, though i’d say taping all the pattern pieces and then tracing my size and cutting that out of medical paper took the longest time. i believe it’s worth it for my future self though. i’m not the biggest fan of the colour of these pants, and i envision them as loungey, home pants. i do currently have another pair cut out of some purple twill that i should start sewing up. ah, sometimes, it’s so difficult to start a project… well, that’s my february goal: finish these pants!

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