upcycled shirt


i made a sarkirsten morning glory wrap top ages ago out of some really pretty, silky lawn. i even took the time to line it! but the style never really suited me, and the top rode up too much, so i never really wore it. recently, i had the idea to make a tie top instead; kind of vintage inspired and quirky. i chopped off the wrap tie part and moved the ties to the top. a simple fix, still a bolder style than i’m used to, but it’s now a garment that makes me much more happy than the old one did.

with this success, i’m excited to revisit some other old items in my closet and upcycle them to fit my current tastes. i also want to revisit old projects that don’t get as much use as i had intended, find out why this is, and fix the problem. sometimes, there’s just as much of a thrill in fixing something old than making something completely new 🙂

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