self-drafted book bag

i submitted all my college apps! to celebrate (and to make use of the extra time i have), i decided to sew myself a new bag. this project was all about slowing down and taking the time to do everything right; a new mindset i want to continue in the new year. i started by piecing together a patchwork block with some pretty scraps i had in my scrap pile. i really really love this colour combo. inspired by a project i found in making magazine, i decided to whip stitch the seams for added detail. i forgot how meditative hand sewing can be!

for the bag body, i chose to self draft a rectangle bottom bag. it was pretty simple – four panels and a bottom. i had fun adding lots of pockets: water bottle pockets, zippered pockets, and snap pockets on the inside. i used some plain canvas for the exterior and a fun umbrella print i’ve had lying around in the dreamiest teal blue. this project was a clear reminder of how much i enjoy bag-making, and just making useful projects in general. it’s a different kind of mindset than garment sewing; easier to conceptualize ideas and add unique touches. though perhaps this is because i don’t have as much experience with garment sewing yet.

i immediately put my new bag to use at school the next day (bags are in and backpacks are out these days, though i still normally carry a backpack), and i was shocked at how confident i felt carrying something i made and love. the impact this small change had on my mood and the way i carried myself was pretty shocking, and goes to show that wearing handmade is incredibly empowering. handmade for the win!

i also used my new bag to carry all my purchases at a used books sale. this was my second time at this local book sale and it’s seriously amazing. i can’t believe i only discovered this now, and i will likely never purchase books from amazon or a bookstore again! i got so many good books – a mix of old favourites and new reads. the boxed bottom on my bag was perfect for carrying all the books, and i left the sale feeling ridiculously happy with life.

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