free range slacks

yooo, it’s mik actually updating this blog right after she’s made something (instead of catching up 2 months later)! a first, eh?

so, second make of the cornoavirus pandemic is these lovely royal purple slacks. as i was sewing, i couldn’t quite remember why i thought purple slacks would be a good idea (they don’t really fit with the rest of the clothes in my closet), but it was too late to back out since i had already cut out the pieces over winter break and it was pretty expensive quality twill.

i procrastinated for two months, but i finally got around to sewing them together. have to admit, the process wasn’t as painful as i anticipated. time consuming, yes; but easily broken down into different steps. i spent a rainy day holed up in my room sewing, and it was great. motivation to start a bigger project is hard to come by, and is something i need to get better at cultivating. no more fear or laziness!

this is my second attempt at the pattern: the first was an ugly pair made from an old dirt coloured tablecloth, so it’s definitely a step up. i took care to use an iron this time, so my flat felled seams are much neater. i also put in the extra effort to include back pockets. the fit is still fantastic, though i would change the waistband.

the waistband. the rise is really high and it doesn’t sit well on my torso. any exaggerated movement (like dancing or squatting) causes the pants to sag. the elastic i used kept stretching out and it took many tries to get it snug around my waist. it’s also pretty bulky. i think for the future, i am going to shorten the rise on the pants so they sit more naturally on my waist, and to insert the waistband with a different method – perhaps the peppermint spring shorts way. last thing to change is the colour. sadly, purple pants just really don’t go well with anything 😦 good for lounging around the house during the “quarantine” though!

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