blueberry apple hand pies

quarantine has me baking up a storm! blueberry scones, apple scones, raspberry scones (can you tell i love scones haha), banana bread and… these mouth-watering, addicting, blueberry apple hand pies! everyone in my family is obsessed with these, and a batch disappears before the next day. they are the perfect bite size for snacking and savouring, and even my brother, who is a diet-conscious, sugar avoiding, hard-core runner, couldn’t resist these little guys 🙂

the recipe is super simple: store bought pie crust, any kind of berry mixed with some sugar and lemon juice and voilà, you’ve got a blueberry hand pie. for the full effect, i cut slits in the top crust, used a fork to pinch together the edges, did an egg wash, and sprinkled some cane sugar on top, which my sugar-avoiding mom doesn’t appreciate, but i disagree. i like making pretty pastries!

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