puff sleeves

i came across a photo of an off-white, loose-fitting blouse with roomy sleeves, on pinterest months ago, and it’s been in my mind ever since. though it’s taken me a while to actually execute my idea, i finally did it, and i couldn’t be happier with the result. this top took a lot of unpicking, problem solving, and ignoring uncertainty – a true labour of love.

i based the bodice block off of the elbetextiles free sage tee pattern i sewed recently, though cutting more of a neckline. i expanded the shape of the sleeve (so it would puff) and extended the length. did some measurements on how much i wanted to gather the sleeves, drafted a cuff pattern piece, and started assembling! i’ve sewn enough garments by now to know the basic idea of putting together a shirt, so i didn’t need to follow any directions. the sleeves surprisingly turned out wonderfully without problems, except they were a few inches too long! i had a suspicion this was a result of the neck hole being too wide. i had originally intended to bias bind the neckline, but i tried adding a band to make the neck hole smaller instead, hoping this would pull the sleeves up. i also gathered the back. this fixed the sleeve length, but the neckline still sagged in some places so i spent a good hour unpicking all my stitching. i ended up gathering the front of the shirt too, along with the back, and bias binding it all. problem solved!

i love this blouse so much. from the little cuff sleeve detail to the gathers on the neckline that actually make the blouse more sophisticated to the heavenly soft (but expensive) mora slub fabric from stonemountain&daughter fabrics. i can’t wait to pair it with jeans and wear it everywhere! also seemed fitting that i was watching anne with an e while i unpicked all those stitches because of anne’s fascination with puff sleeves 🙂

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