cinnamon apple scones

meet my newest obsession: scones. i have to force myself to not finish the whole batch every time by myself. sadly (for me at least), the rest of my family loves these scones just as much as i do, and a plate is gone in a day. not only are these scones delicious, they are also somewhat healthy – they’re sweetened with maple syrup and made using whole wheat flour – though this mainly just justifies me eating more than i should. it’s so so difficult to not devour these scones the second they come out of the oven, but they taste a lot better after a few hours once they’ve cooled. if anything, the wait makes the flavours intensify.

i’ve been enjoying these scones for breakfast, with a side of coffee and a good book to dive into. the perfect morning.

wanted to document these because i’ve been baking more than i’ve been sewing or crafting lately. turns out running a lot, then sitting around doing homework makes you really hungry for freshly baked goods!

recipe is heavily modified from amy’s healthy baking blueberry scone recipe, but those aren’t bad either. i just think mine taste better with my added touches 😉

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