patchwork stress relief

got really stressed this week with a physics test, anxiety and uncertainty about the whole covid-19 situation, and college stuff. turns out, getting into college is the easy part – so many logistics to consider now! i’m a natural worrier, but i’m really trying to up my tolerance for uncertainty and adversity. at least this time, i was able to recognize what was stressing me out, and try and do things to relieve this stress.

this involved lots of yoga and runs, deleting social media from my phone, and doing mini projects to keep my nervous energy satisfied. i use this last trick often – it’s what got me through track season last year before races, and i got back into it these past few days.

i found some old patchwork squares from a project last summer in my room and decided to make a small coin pouch out of them. these are super special because i indigo dyed the blue bits myself. i had fun playing with the alignment of the squares and settled on this simple chevron design. i really love the simplicity.

the only difficult part was making the zipper fit the length of the patchwork. the seam allowance on the outside got a little tight (it’s about 1/8″ right now) but so far everything’s holding together. just a nice little project to obsess over instead of other things i don’t have control over. meditative. i took lots of break, and though this was pretty simple, took my time, splitting up the work between different days. thursday was piecing together the patchwork section, friday was cutting the lining, and today was the final assembly. it was a lovely rainy day project for me this morning.

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