april baking roundup

i’ve been baking A LOT lately. there was a stretch in the middle of april where i wasn’t motivated to make anything or do much. i mostly spent my days reading and baking and eating. it was pretty chill, and a much needed chance to do nothing for once. i’m pretty proud of my creations, and i’ve photographed a few that were particularly notable. so here we go:


i don’t celebrate easter, but i was looking for a basic bread recipe and came across this one from happyskinkitchen and decided to try it. yeast is so cool and i’m obsessed with making things that rise now! these buns were super satisfying to make and tasted delicious as well, though i think my mum loved them more than i did 🙂 loads of chocolate and gluteny goodness.


well that was a mouthful. but worth it. these buttery, light cookies are SO good and addicting and super easy to make too. just toss everything into a food processor and you’re good to go. recipe is by saltnpepperhere. i halved it and was able to make sixteen decent sized cookies. i took it one step further (for my chocolate obsessed mum) and added some cocoa powder to half the dough, then decided to get fancy and create a swirl pattern that i’ve seen while browsing instagram. i’m still surprised it worked! the moment i sliced the log and revealed the spiral… my heart burst with happiness 🙂 i love the subtle earl grey flavor as well!


this is my new go-to classic brownie recipe. you can’t even taste the tahini in them (well, you could at first, but i slightly increased the sugar and now they are perfect). i got the fudgy texture by decreasing the cook time to 17 minutes and i’m so happy to have perfected the recipe on my third try! i halved the instructions by ambitious kitchen and modified it as described above. just for funzies, i made a video of the process too, but wordpress won’t let me link it without paying extra 😦 part of it is on my instagram account though. only thing to note: i need to oil the pan before baking because the tahini causes the brownies to really stick to the bottom!


i departed from sweet baked goods for a second and made some pizza for lunch! i’m still surprised at how easy and low fuss this was, and am glad i decided to do it. i followed the recipe from @plentysweet20 on instagram and it worked beautifully. i like a thick crust, and i topped it off with tomato sauce, cheese, and spinach. mini, but good! super proud of this one, especially since it was my second official time working with yeast in my kitchen at home (not counting all the times i baked in the wyoming backcountry:)) definitely going to be a repeat bake.

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