may/june mending


my dog chewed up the back of my brother’s special hat from cross country states, so i was enlisted to fix it for him. this was a pretty simple fix: i took some scrap white sheet fabric and sewed it in place around the tear. i reinforced the patch with lots of stitching, then reattached the velcro to the new patch. most notably about this project, i realized how much i enjoy mending things! it’s like a puzzle i need to solve and i find the challenge up fixing a tear very fun.


my friend CO asked me if i could fix this tear in her dress, preferably before graduation in two days. i accepted the challenge. i unpicked the ripped area, and sewed on a scrap piece of linen from my stash to cover up the frayed edges. funnily enough, i used some failed cabbage dyed linen from CO and i’s dye project last year in ap chem, so there’s a neat connection with that. i love when fabrics have stories! once i had reinforced the frayed edge, i hand-stitched the main panel back to the button placket from the front and the back. the button placket is a little narrower at the top, but it’s pretty unnoticeable when the dress/romper is being worn. i felt that sturdiness was worth more than perfect evenness. so that was another successful mend done and i’m already looking for more items to practice mending on!

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