more pouches

what can i say, i’m obsessed with making pouches! they are just such a fun and simple way to use up my fabric scraps and are extremely useful. i made the indigo-dyed pouch as an end-of-the-school-year gift for my calc teacher. i had debated whether or not to use a math themed fabric (or make my own) but i decided i wanted to make something pretty that could be used outside of the math classroom. i used some indigo-dyed fabric from last year’s chem project, and embroidered some simple flowers onto the fabric.

for the scrappy blues pouch, i turned to my blues scrap bin. i pieced together a random patchwork, then used some scrap corduroy for the bottom, and quilted the top. i used a long pull plastic zipper instead of my usual metal one and i really like it. i think it’s easier to zip and sew with than a metal one, and the look isn’t bad either.

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