fennel fanny pack

i remember purchasing this pattern as part of a bundle with the raspberry rucksack pattern last spring, yet i’ve somehow never used it. i think i was deterred by my lack of correct sized zippers or hardware or webbing. yet lately, i keep finding myself in situations where i wished i had a fanny pack and i told myself it was about time i made one for myself. i used some leftover yellow waxed canvas from my raspberry rucksack for the exterior and some quilting cotton from my stash for the interior. now that i’ve made the pattern though, i don’t know why i needed to buy it. it’s really simple, and i keep seeing free online tutorials to make virtually the same fanny pack… i guess i’m just supporting small businesses! but really, i want to start drafting my own patterns or only purchasing patterns that will teach me a new skill, mostly because i feel guilty that i’m going to an expensive university and i’m trying to spend less unnecessary money. anyway, what’s done is done, and i may as well use the patterns i’ve got.

i have visions of eliminating the waist belt on this pattern and just making a boxed pouch and i also want to find an alternative to the bias binding on the inside. i don’t mind the process of sewing bias binding; it’s the cluttered feel it adds to the inside that i dislike. in fact, this was the first time i hand-sewed the other edge of my bias bound seams and it was actually a pretty enjoyable process! i’m a little mad that i goofed on the zipper placement (the main zip starts on the opposite side as the pocket zip), even when the instructions specifically mentioned to make sure the zippers start on the same side. oops. all in all, i see myself using this fanny pack quite often, and there is a lot of room within the pattern for minor customizations like a padded backing and more pockets. i have yet to test it on an actual long hike though, so i guess i’ll see how my fanny pack holds up then. i have high hopes!

JUNE 27 UPDATE: once the buckles i ordered arrived, i tested my new fanny pack out blueberry picking and it was perfect. it’s super convenient when i don’t wear a jacket or pants with pockets and need something to hold my phone, and i don’t know why i’ve never realized the usefulness of fanny packs before. up next is definitely a running belt for the same purpose!

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