foggy hike

LS and i went for a walk on the ridge one afternoon and it was so lovely. i brought my camera and snapped some pretty photos of the fog rolling over the ridge and the various flowers alongside the trail, all while reminiscing about how much i am going to miss my home when i leave for college in the fall. i’m not going to lie, during first semester of senior year, i couldn’t wait to leave home and be independent and meet new people, but now i’m terrified of change. being stuck at home these past few months have grounded me to this place, and i’m so uncertain about what will happen when i finally leave…

i had a lot of fun editing the photos i took on lightroom. i’m really trying to develop my style and skills. i have a tendency to overedit or just slap on a vsco filter and call it good, but i want to learn to be subtle and become more conscious about the choices i’m making when editing. some of my inspirations at the moment are @dirtbagdarling and @t.w.w.c. and @_kellydudash_. i love their aesthetic and moody, yet dreamy tones.

sometimes i get discouraged when something doesn’t turn out the way i envisioned, so i just need to keep reminding myself that growth takes time and hours of practice. i won’t become good until i make many mistakes and put in the effort. the process is most important.

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