dusty blue slacks

after making the purple pair of tapered free range slacks that i hardly wear (i really regret choosing bright purple fabric), i’ve been pretty cautious about making colourful pants, and mainly pants in general. however, after seeing many beautiful versions of canvas pomona pants on my instagram feed, i decided to give it a go again.

i chose this dreamy dusty blue canvas and sized up from my last attempt. although the canvas is a bit rough at the moment, i really hope it softens up with wash and wear. there must be some difference between the tapered and wide leg versions of the pattern, or i goofed somewhere, because these pants are too big on me. my last pair was a little too small, so i reasoned that sizing up a size would be perfect, but alas that was not quite the case. eh, still wearable though. the only thing i did not like about this project was: the elastic waistband. god, that was such a pain to insert and topstitch without having the elastic fold over. i did see another technique for attaching waistbands on instagram that involves serging the elastic directly to the waistband, and i’m keen to try that method on my next pair of pants/shorts!

i love the colour of the canvas on these pants! i have not yet worn them out and about, so i will wait until i do that to make any further comments on the wearability of this pair of slacks. i’m a huge fan of the look of promised movability of slacks, but so far, i don’t think i can quite pull them off. fingers crossed this pair will change that!

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