button up top

this was SELF DRAFTED!!! i’ve been on a self-drafting whirlwind lately; just super inspired to create my own clothes instead of buying a pattern and it’s been great. i have wanted to make a button up top like this for the longest time now and it feels fantastic to finally make one. i was inspired by the hemming’s adelia dress/top. i wanted real sleeves though (and i wanted to save money), which is why i didn’t use that pattern. i did trace the sleeves off of the elbe textiles sage tee (a free pattern!), and despite being meant for knit fabrics, i’ve found that the pattern still works well with wovens since the fit is so loose.

the button placket on this top took the most brain power to figure out, but it was really quite simple. i used the original center line of the shirt as my starting point, then added on increments of fabric. i wanted a 1″ wide button placket (my buttons were 1/2″ wide) so i added that, then i added another inch for the hem and a half inch to fold over so the edges on the inside were neat. i also cut a 1″ strip of light interfacing to add a little more stability. to make the facing, i just folded over the raw edge and topstitched it down with the rest of the button placket.

i am SO happy with how this shirt turned out and i can see myself wearing it a lot. the fabric is a really cheap lightweight gauzy cotton, so perfect for summer. the stripe pattern isn’t what i would normally wear, but i could get used to it!

the shirt is a little wide though, so next time, i am going to take in 3/4″ off the center of the design.