new pencil case

I spilled peanut butter on my old pencil case (the indigo dyed one) in college and the stickiness finally convinced me to make myself a new one. I’m discovered how useful Adobe Illustrator is for drafting patterns – no more paper scraps and taping and drawing lines with pencil; I can do it much faster, with less waste, on the computer! I whipped up this quick pencil case pattern and luckily the shape worked perfectly the first time. I might upload this as a free pattern, but it’s so simple that I wonder if others would actually use it. Maybe I’ll add a fun modification to make it more worthwhile?

I used scrap fabric from all the bags I’ve taken apart and chose a fun bright pink zipper. I normally don’t use colors this bright in my project but I think I’m going through a phase because my last few projects have also been very colorful. I’m vibing with it.

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