mtl pencil case pattern

A very simple pencil case pattern that’s perfect for using up scraps. I debated whether or not I should share this pattern because it’s so simple and there are already many great free pencil case patterns out on the internet. But in the end, I decided I might as well share mine because it’s good practice and fun for me to write and illustrate the instructions that go with the pattern. To slightly elevate the pattern, I also included pattern pieces and instructions for a waves version of the pencil case. The waves make for a great chance to experiment with bold colors and sew some curves (curves are really fun!). As always, if you find any mistakes or problems with the pattern, please let me know! And if you have any questions, reach out to me! I’ve been the only tester of these patterns so far, so it’s very possible I’ve missed something.

Here are some pictures of my versions of this pencil case. The simple pencil case is made using old Lululemon bag scraps and lined with quilting cotton. Though the fabric is lightweight, it has decent structure to it, so I didn’t use any interfacing. The waves pencil case is made from quilting cotton and my dad’s old hospital scrubs, and is lined with muslin. I used fusible fleece to add structure, and it turned out really nicely.

This pencil case is sleek and compact, but can hold a surprisingly large amount of stuff, not limited to stationery. I think it makes a great travel bag as well. I recently brought it on a backpacking trip with me, and used it to hold spare batteries and a portable charger. It was the perfect size and shape to stick in my sleeping bag with me at night so that the cold wouldn’t drain the batteries.

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