scrappy indigo pouch

I recently reorganized my room, including my scrap bins. I’m trying out a new system now: sorting my scraps into separate bins by material (denim, linen, knits, etc). As I was going through my old scrap pile, I kept finding these small indigo patchwork scraps from another pouch I made years ago. I’ve been going through a bit of a motivation rut, and felt like making a pretty scrappy pouch would be the perfect project to jumpstart my creativity again. It did the trick. I had a lot of fun piecing together these gorgeous scraps. The patch is from some bedding that my mom recently bought; she was going to throw away the tag that came with it, but I saved it instead. I used fusible fleece for additional structure and I love the feel of it. I’ll definitely be using fusible fleece in all my future pouches. Lined with leftover scrubs. I tried a new technique this time, only topstitching the outer layer near the zipper. I like it; it makes the lining lie neater.

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