summer shorts journey

I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of shorts for a while now. I’ve tried many indie patterns, from the Peppermint spring shorts to the All Well Studio Pants. Nothing has quite fit me well, and I finally realized that I would need to step off the beaten path and draft my own. It’s taken many many pairs of shorts, but I’ve finally created a pattern I really like. Here’s a look into the journey and the modifications I made each time:

SHORTS 1 – light blue denim

The basic studio pants pattern shortened into shorts. Full seat adjustment. Added 1/2″ to the crotch.

SHORTS 2 – yellow satin

Shorts 1, but with a side panel.

SHORTS 3 – made from mom’s old jeans

Added a few inches to the side panel and back pockets. Added a lot of rise.

SHORTS 4 – mid denim

Added 1″ to the front rise. Added scooped side pockets instead of back pockets. Took off 1″ of side pantel. Lengthened back crotch 1″.

SHORTS 5 – light blue scrub shorts

Trim off 1″ on back short. Smaller pocket facing by 1″.

SHORTS 6 – teal scrub shorts

Trim 1/2″ off back short. Add 1/2″ to back crotch.

SHORTS 7 – cobalt canvas

Took 1/2″ off front and back sides. Trimmed another 1/2″ off back short.

SHORTS 8 – black linen

Shortened front and back rise by 1/2″. Angled instead of scooped pocket. Added buttonholes for a drawstring.

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