waves chalk bag

BT gave me full creative freedom on the chalk bag I made for her. I probed for her favorite colors/patterns and the criteria I got was: make it somewhat blue/green/colorful and unique (different from all the other chalk bags out there). So with these incredibly broad directions, I dove into my scrap bin and found a color combination I liked. I’ve been super into piecing together waves lately, so I hacked my pattern and created a wavy outer panel. I used two layers of medium weight interfacing for structure, since the outer layer was pieced from quilting cotton weight material. I was a bit sloppy when cutting out my waves, and they didn’t line up at the back seam. Sad. So I modified the pattern a bit and made the seam side the back of the chalk bag. I covered up the uneven connections with webbing, creating an extra loop to potentially attach a waistbelt on if BT wants. Then on the new front of the bag, I hammered on an eyelet instead. In the end, my little mistake actually resulted in a more “professional” looking chalk bag because of the hardware. I was proud of this chalk bag design, but the nerve wracking bit would be if BT liked it. I got so nervous before showing her a picture! Which is silly because I don’t think she was that invested in the design (hence the vague directions). Well, she was grateful and said it looked great, so I’ll call it a success.

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