wholecloth bucket bag test

I was chosen to test the Drawstring Bucket Backpack pattern from Wholecloth Patterns. Kristi was so kind and also sent along a hardware kit for the bag, so all I had to do was source the fabric. I ended up getting a funky orange patterned jacquard from the sale section at Joann’s and some orange piping. Not sure why, but I was feeling a little rebellious from my normal muted blue color palette. The pattern itself was wonderful, very simple and easy to follow. I made life harder for myself by choosing a difficult fabric to work with, and I will not be doing that again. I also had to deal with sewing this backpack in my dorm room. I borrowed my friend’s sewing machine and used the iron in the laundry room four stories down, which was an experience. All for me to decide, in the end, at no fault to the lovely pattern, that bucket bags weren’t really my style and I probably wouldn’t use this one. Hoping I meet someone in the near future who’s favorite color is orange so I can gift it to them. But just want to say a huge thank you to Kristi for letting me test this pattern! It was a fun make and good break from schoolwork.

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