i try film !!!

I am so so excited to finally be able to write this post. I have wanted to get into film photography for so long now, and never quite had the right information, leading me to believe it was a lot more inaccessible for beginners like me than it actually is. I discovered point and shoot film cameras online, and was able to get my grandpa’s old one to play around with. The first roll I shot had been half used up in the camera and the film was clearly expired, but newbie me didn’t know about expired film so I developed it anyway. Here are some of the shots, shot on major expired Fuji-c200.

Despite the intense fade and poor image quality, I love the images. This first roll only solidified my interest in shooting film, and I worked hard to find film at a reasonable price to continue experimenting! After checking four different Walgreens, 1 CVS, and 1 Target, I finally came across some Fuji-c200 at Rite Aid and was able to get the film. I shot a lot of photos, trying to document my grandparent’s house and our holiday, as well as some bits of my bike rides at home, and I am so so happy with the result! Here’s some shots from my second roll of film:

I am so excited to continue shooting film and to see where this leads me! I think there is something so special about film, in the colors, the contrasts, and the details captured in the photographs that digital cameras or iPhones don’t have. While the price is a bit steep, I understand that developing and scanning film is an art form that requires those prices. One day, I would love to learn to develop and scan my own film and be completely self-sufficient, but I also have school and career priorities I need to accomplish first before I add another hobby to my extensive list haha. For now, I’ll keep experimenting with different styles and shots, as I try to find my own voice through film. I’m thrilled!

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