how to install a font (mac)

open the font file and download it on your computer.

look in the downloads folder on your computer and find the font file. you should see an .otf file.

open fontbook.

drag the font file into fontbook.

now open the application you will be using the font with. look for the font name (shoreline) and have fun with it!


i’ve successfully used this font on multiple computers in Pages and Adobe programs, but there are some extra steps you need to take to use it in Word. To make all the letters connect together nicely, this font is packed with ligatures and contextual alternatives, and in order to be able to access those features in Word, you need to change some settings first. Don’t worry, I will walk you through these quick steps right now:

start by opening a new document in word and typing some filler text to work with.

highlight your text and go to format – font, or command D to open up font settings.

this is what the font editor will look like. select shoreline font, and you can see in the preview box how some of the letters are overlapping and there the letters at the end of a word have a long tail. we don’t want those.

go to advanced.

change the settings to match below. you want to turn on kerning, ligatures, and use contextual alternatives.

to save these changes for the future, select “default” in the bottom left corner and select “all documents based on the Normal template.” if you don’t do this, just remember to adjust font settings if the font looks a little weird in the future.

much better! but the bottom of the F is cut off. that is because the line spacing in Word cuts it off. to fix this, simply adjust the line spacing until the bottom of the letter is visible! 1.5 is a good measure, and most schoolwork is double spaced these days anyways.

now have fun with your new font! i’ve had multiple people test out this font, but because it is such a complex script font, there is always a possibility that something doesn’t line up or work properly! if you find any problems, please please email me so i can fix it and send you a revised version of this font!!

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