colour blocked pouches

i made these little colour blocked pouches out of some upholstery samples my friend’s mom gave me a long time ago. the small swatches of fabric have an almost suede-like texture, don’t fray, and came in the prettiest colours. i’ll admit that i was scared to cut into them, but now i’ve realized that i should start using the fabrics i love to create projects i love, rather than spend lots of time on a project using fabric i’m just trying to get rid of. these pouches are perfect for that, since they don’t take up much fabric and are so darn useful. it’s super handy to just have a cute little pouch on hand when i need a quick coin pouch, or earbuds holder, or jewelry carrier, or a place to put my keys. i’m hoping to make lots more to come – the last purchase i allowed myself to make before starting the BUST MY STASH CHALLENGE was some 5″ zippers from zipit so that i could continue making these bags!

i would have to say that my favourite part of these bags is the lining. the outside is lovely, and the upholstery sample has a really soft texture, but the lining is what makes me smile every time i open up this pouch. i used some of my favourite printed fabric for the lining, once again following my new philosophy of using fabrics i truly love in my projects, and i don’t regret it one bit! these pouches are bundles of goodness, inside and out. also, the zippers on these particular pouches are the last of some zippers i got in taiwan a few years back. i’m loving the detail on the ends, especially the nautical wheel, which ties in so well with the blue pouch!

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