peppermint spring shorts

this was the first online clothing pattern i ever attempted to make. for my first version, i followed the pattern exactly using an old canvas curtain, and although i wasn’t completely satisfied with the fit, i still lived in those shorts on my summer trip to cape cod and switzerland.

about a month ago, i used some leftover olive green linen to make myself a new pair. i shortened the height of the waist, eliminated the paper bag waist, and altered the pockets to allow for a shorter hem. i liked this new version much better – both the material and the fit. however, i still wasn’t satisfied with the hem bands and the width of the waistband.

in the past few weeks, as school and track have wrapped up, i’ve been much more adventurous and ambitious while sewing. i tackled another raspberry rucksack, made some shirts, and made another pair of shorts! this time, i used thicker elastic and a thinner waistband and cut a straight hem instead of a curved one. i made my pair out of leftover mustard linen and i am in love! these shorts are so comfortable for wearing around the house, around town, and even working out in. i’m proud i persevered with this pattern and had the courage to create the fit i wanted, because i am so happy with this final version!

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